65W USB C Charger for Laptops 20V 3.25A AC Power Adapter Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei TQUQ 3 Port Adapter, 1Port PD 65W/45W/20W 2port Mobile Phones 5A Cable For Lenovo Xiaomi iPhone Laptop 2.25A 4.0*1.7MM notebook yoga 310 510 520 710 miix Air 12 13 Ideapad 100 320 110 ADL45WCC laptop B50 Slim 6.75A Ac IdeaPad Z710 Y50-70AM Y50-70AS Y50-80 Y70 Y70-70 Y70-80 Touch ADL135NDC3A 19V 3.42A 5.5*2.5mm ASUS Toshiba G2S L8400 S5000A A2 A2000 Supply Adapter/Supply 12V 3A Plug Cord DC port 2.5MM and 5.5MM Our LCD LED controller board kit 90W Z475 Z475A Z475Gm Z480 Z485 Z500 Z510 Z560 Z565 Z570 Z570A Z575 Z580 Z585 310-151SK 510-151SK ADLX65CLGE2A 5A10K78752 Cords USB-C type ac power adaper charger Yoga Book ZA0V ZA15 A12 ZA1Y 730-13IKB 920-13IKB C930-13IKB 30W Dual Type Travel with PPS MacBook Pro 15 16 XiaoMi Dell XPS more ZUK Edge Z2_X Z2151 Charging Jack Flex With Earphone Replacement Parts Qi Wireless X 8 8Plus Samsung S9 S8 S7 S6 Note LG Sony 10W Fast Dock Desktop Portable Universal 10A 4 Ports QC 3.0+Type-C+ 2 Quick Pixel, Pixel XL, iPad Pr Tripod Floor Tablet Stand Height Adjustable 360 Rotating Tablets Holder Mini Kindle 7-12 inch PC lenovo 36W ADLX36NCT2C ADLX36NDT2C 00HM600 00HM601 00HM604 4X20E75063 Male Converter Connector Hp Asus Square Female /DC Battery U430p U530 11 11e 50Pcs 1.8M 5.5mm*2.5mm connector Wholesale 4.5A IBM B490 B590 V480 V480C V480S V580 92P1109+Cord Free Shipping 100pcs/lot Tab YT3-X90F YT3-X90L Micro socket plug repair parts replacement Hot Sale 96W 4.0A Notebook HP/DELL/IBM ThinkPad box 50pcs/lot New FOR Qilian A8150 A740 A540 A7200 S4040 S4040-00 S4030 All-in machine adapter cable 19.5 V 7.7A 45W X1 Carbon 2017 DELL Type-C 12.5/13.3 4.75A 95W C740 Y9000X Y740S-15 5 14IIL05 ADLX95YLC3A YCC3A YAC3A Fireproof Materials 45w c computer supply G710 80AH K4350 K4350A M41-80 80KB M490 S440 S5 45N0490 Is Suitable DC: TYPE-C LENOVO TH-INKPADL390YOGAL 480L 580 LAPTOP, X270X 280, Etc. G570 G550 G430 G450 G455 G460 G460A G475 G555 G560 Original YOGA 720-13 YOGA730/C740/910/920/930/C940 Essential B450 B460 B460A CPA-A065 36001943 36001929 Fit Chromebook N22 N22-20 Model 9360 9370 9380, Latitude 5175 5285 7275 7370, Inspiron 7000 8.2Ft 910 720 Glass, 100e X380 260 370 E450 E460 E470 E560 E570 Thinkpad E420 E430 T61 T60p Z60T T60 T420 T430 F25 [GaN] 61W Delivery Wall 3.0 Pro/Air, Pro, XR/XS/Max/8, Galaxy ADLX65NCC3A ADLX65NLC3A ADLX65NDC3A ADLX65NLC2A ADLX65SLC2A ADLX65NDT3A X121 X200 X201 X220 X230 X300 X301 X300s X301s X301i 87W Macbook 15 A 12W Phone S20 S21 S41 S210 S500 S20-30 S21e-20 S41-35 X60 X61 SA10M42714 SA10M42753 SA10M42791SA10M42531 L390 L480 L580 ADLX65YCC3D ADLX65YLC3D ADLX65YDC3D L412 L420 L421 L510 L512 L520 SL300 SL400 NEW Adaptor travel US UK EU AU wall Electric Plugs Sockets 330 330-15ICH 330-17ICH T470 T470S 45N0292 0B47030 Ultrabook 7.5Ft Compact L340-17API L340-17IWL L340-15 L340-17 80YL 81BF 100-15IBY 100-15IBD 15IBD 80QQ 14 Inches 120 81A5001UUS PIN T440 E431 X230S X240S S3 G400 G405 G500 G500S G505 135W T520 T520i T530 W520 W530 45N0058 45N0055 45N0059 Y330 Y400 Y430 Y450 Y460 PA-1650-37LC Satellite C660-174 C660-155 C660-117 A110-339 C870-156 Chargers 40Y7707 40Y7696 40Y7697 40Y7708 40Y7709 C200 92P1156 3000 V200 40Y7710 40Y7711 40W 2A X110 X120 X130, Medion Akoya E1210 E-1210 Series 330-11IGM 510-14IKB 510-14ISK 510-14AST N23 Car +USB 10 2-14 2-15 15D,Flex 3-1480 3-1470 3-1580 3-1130 3-1120 Camera Webcam Module 500E Built-in Avatar Board 1203-00505 5CB0S95249 14e Palmrest Keyboard Bezel Touchpad no-Backlit.