GX490 NM-C661 For Lenovo X1C X1 Carbon 8th Gen Yoga 5th laptop motherboard With CPU I7-10710U RAM 16G mainboard ThinkPad 7th / 4th with I5 8265U 8365 100% test work 1st 14282-2m I7-6500U/6600U 8G OK 2nd 16822-1 W/ 7300 7200U 8G-RAM 01YR141 01AX859 01AX853 01LV170 Mainboard LENOVO Thinkpad YOGA I5-7300U 8GB Notebook 448.0A912.0011 SR340 DDR4 Laptop 20V 3.25A 65W AC Power Supply Adapter for lenovo G500 G505 G405 13 Charger Wireless Module Fibocom L850-GL FRU 01AX792 M.2 WWAN Card Gen6 X280 T580 T480s 3rd 01AW977 01AX899 OLED Touch Screen Replacement Assembly 1ST 2ND GEN 20FQ 20FR 20JD 20JE 20JF 20JG 01AY923 Original New Full (20LD) 14.0‘’ FHD LCD LED Digitizer Bezel module WQHD(2560x1440) 01YT247 01AY927 01AY926 14 Display Cover UHD QHD 2019 2020 2021 year NEW UK/Spanish SP/Latin LA/German GR keyboard yoga 2016 High Quality power adapter charger G400 L860-GL 4G LTE MIMO IBM Gen,P43s, T490, USB Gen/ Motherboard I7-8565U 5B20X57823 01YU368 UK Palmrest Upper Case cover SM10M69726 GZEELE accessories new Left Right Hinges 01HY968 Sleeve Bag A485 T480 (3rd Gen) (6th 14 Handbag 15 13.3 V720 X270 T470 T470S T570 P51S 370 Intel 18265NGW 01AX736 Sensor Subcard board 01AX886 SC50K15828 Glass surface Touchpad Mouse Pad Clicker Black 01AY028 SM10J76371 01AY029 SupStone Genuine 01AV430 01AV431 01AV494 Battery 2017,6th 2018,X1C,SB10K97586 45N1701 45N1702 45N1703 45N1700 3 Series 4ICP5/58/73-2 6th NFC Interface 01LV568 WQHD 2560*1440 Cable Video Line 00JT849 12 13.3 15 Nootbook 15.6 Inch Computer Briefcase Extreme 20MF 20MG P1 1 20MD 20ME UHD3840x2160 LGS-1 Button Switch Board 04W3909 48.4RQ27.021 55.4RQ04.021 Shell Top Lid Rear 04X5565 00HN935 x1 carbon 2nd/3rd CARBON TYPE 20A7 20A8 NFC,Spanish cover/keyboard 04X6572 00HM010 Add On Cards Lenovo/USB SATA/SSD SATA SSD Raiser Lenovo/Thinkpad original sheet Sticker B Mylar 2 20QV 20QW 02XR057 460.0GU0P.0001 Back Bottom case Feet rubber Base T430U T430 U Usb Small Is Suitable Thinkpad/Lenovo 01yr420 01lv454 I7-7500U 01YN038 01AY065 01AY068 01YN044 01YN047 01AY082 Applicable to 2018 EX480 NM-B481 01YR218 01YR214 01YR208 Integrated X1T TABLET 15218-2 00NY763 M7-6Y75 16GB/RAM TEST 17870-1 448.0DY05.0011 i7 8850H GPU GTX1050TI 01YU951 01YU959 Akemy 48.4RQ01.021 3317U Test Work NM-B141 7600U/7500U 16G-RAM 01YN039 01AY073 01LV433 I7 7500 7600U 01LV185 01AX876 : 00UP981 w I5-4300U Onboard NoteBook PC Tested 12298-2 X1-Carbon 2014 I7-4600U X1-TABLET Laotop M-6Y75U 16GB NOKOTION SR0N5 I7-3667U 11246-1 MB 48.4RQ01.011 04W3895 MAIN BOARD 13 Tablet Frame LP130QP1(SP)(A1) 01AW893 01AY274 2PCS Anti-Glare Protector Guard Filter (4th 15.6 (15) 2017 14.0 inch Slim lcdscreen LP140WD2-TLE2 LP140WD2 TL- E2 FRU:04X1756 Panel 1600*900 12 MS12QHD501-21 2160*1440 Fame B156ZAN03.2 B156ZAN04.2 P52 P52S P53 P53s T590 UHD4K 3840x2160 eDP 40Pin matrix 4K 3840*2160 EDP 40 pins (2nd 20JD, 20JE, 20JF, 2560x1440 - (Type 20HQ, 20HR ) LP140QH1-SPA2 20BS 20BT 00HN827.